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Welcome to
child safety gates .com

Home of the intelligent Baby Gates Selector. We've taken the guesswork and headache out of choosing a child safety gate.

From the results of our exhaustive testing, we have determined which baby gates are best suited for a particular location, application, and size of opening at a price that can't be beat.

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Our Philosophy is simple...
Offer the best quality baby gates
on the planet
for the best prices!
How do we do it? We've learned in our 30 years in the safety business, we only sell what we know. We spent countless hours testing, installing and researching every baby gate on the market. We've established which safety gates are best suited for our customers for every situation, and provide unparalleled expertise to help you install them properly. Lastly, we make every effort to offer each gate at the best pricing possible.

Thank you for providing your children with the best gate care anywhere.

Kidco Safeway - best dollar for dollar baby gate on the market. Mounts easily. Perfect for stairs. Instant Shipping Rebate offer.

Evenflo Home Decor is a great choice for stairs, hallways and doorway openings. Only $99.75

Great for kids and pets.Pressure-Mounted at 42" Tall!
Our most popular items
Kidshield transparent balcony and stair barrier provides maximum protection for dangerous openings in railings. Easy to install. Now only$39.95

Evenflo's Secure Solutions is great for stairs, hallways. Easy swing and lock operation, durable hardwood construction, and a great price, makes this a popular choice. Only $41.95

Ever been on vacation without proper protection. Evenflo's Extra wide Soft Gate packs up in minutes for gate safety on the go. Great for hallways at home too! Get it now for Only $42.95


Need help installing in hollow or plaster walls, railing posts or wrought iron railings? we have custom installation kits designed especially for each application. Check out our custom installation kits! Choose the right Baby Safety Gates for your home here! 

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